Author: Amy

7 Secrets to Dominate Disney World & Not Wait in Lines!

We recently took a trip to Disney World and when I realized how beneficial all the planning and intense research was I knew I had to share.  We were able to dominate Disney World and wait in almost no lines in our 4 days of visiting every park!  Our days were jam packed with fun and not standing around waiting because of… Read more →

Curtain Makeovers!

When I’m working on a project there’s nothing better than using what I already have available and saving my dollars for larger or more unique items that pack a bigger punch!  This project happened by necessity, since my rods were too large for any curtains to slide onto, but I loved the finished product.  Here are my 3 super simple steps: Buy… Read more →

Blue and Green Girls Bedroom Makeover

I’m super pumped to reveal my first room makeover.  My oldest daughters bedroom, because there is nothing more fun than decorating a little girl’s room!  I really wanted to do something other than pink, because with two little girls, I was starting to see pink every time I closed my eyes.  I let my daughter choose and she insisted on… Read more →