Curtain Makeovers!

When I’m working on a project there’s nothing better than using what I already have available and saving my dollars for larger or more unique items that pack a bigger punch!  This project happened by necessity, since my rods were too large for any curtains to slide onto, but I loved the finished product.  Here are my 3 super simple steps:

Curtains 3

  1. Buy the Ribbon You Want to Use – I recommend choosing a thick ribbon so that is shows up clearly.  If it easily frays melt the edges with a lighter to make sure it doesn’t fray from wear and wash.
  2. Cut and Knot the Ribbon – Make sure the ribbon is cut in long enough pieces to wrap around the rod you are using.  Make a knot square and flat.  Repeat with as many ribbons as you would like to use.
  3. Stitch the Ribbon onto the Curtain Panels – I just made a straight stitch across the top of the knot as shown, to attach the ribbon.  So simple!


I was redoing my oldest daughters room when she moved out of the nursery.  I wanted to take a few things from her nursery to incorporate into her big girl room, but of course, most of the room had to be new because her new little sister was moving into the nursery.  Since I am always working on a budget I wanted to save my splurges for beautiful bedding and some wall decor.  I’m not crazy about splurging on window treatments, just not as much fun in my opinion, but they do make a big difference in any room so they are hard to ignore!

Girls Bedroom

I always scope out high end magazines and catalogs for inspiration and then make my way to Target to try to recreate what I see on a budget. When we moved in our home there were lots of window treatments from the previous owners, unfortunately none of them matched my style.  Since they left the window treatments there were also rods, which I thought I could definitely work with.  In this room the rods were chunky, big, and dark brown, not at all what I would choose for a little girl’s room.  So I decided to paint them white because I always have white paint laying around and it works well with all things girly.  I started coating them with paint and headed to several different Target stores to pick up four matching sheer panels that I found and loved.  What I didn’t realize was the curtains slits wouldn’t fit over the rods.  I tried several different curtains and nothing would fit!  It was time to get creative.  I decided to buy some ribbon and stitch it onto the sheers to help me attach them to the rod.  After some trial and error I found that knotting the ribbon together at the bottom then simply stitching them in line with the top of the curtain allowed me a larger hole to slide the sheers on the rod.  I love this solution because it was practical, inexpensive and simple! I found the ribbon at Walmart, such an easy fix!

Curtains 2

Good luck with your curtain projects! Hope this helps you find a simple and inexpensive fix and add some character to your room!


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