7 Secrets to Dominate Disney World & Not Wait in Lines!

We recently took a trip to Disney World and when I realized how beneficial all the planning and intense research was I knew I had to share.  We were able to dominate Disney World and wait in almost no lines in our 4 days of visiting every park!  Our days were jam packed with fun and not standing around waiting because of some of the strategies I’m going to share!

Disney World

Dominate Disney by Not Waiting in Lines!

  1. Stay on Disney Property – This guarantees you the chance to book Fast Past Plus first!  If you are staying at a Disney resort you can book the Fast Pass Plus selections for every day you have park tickets 60 days prior to your first day in the park. If you want to book a popular attraction, for example, Magic Kingdom’s 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride or Meet and Greet with Anna and Elsa, then you may even want to try to get your selections in at midnight on the 60th day before your visit.  Yes, I did get up at midnight 2 months before our trip so my kids could meet Anna and Elsa because there was no chance we were waiting in line for 2+ hours to take a picture.
  2. Get to the Parks Early – This was one of the most important tips I was given before we left.  When you get to the park before the gates open you can quickly take advantage of little to no wait times for popular attractions that are very busy later in the day.  We walked right on to 3-5 rides every morning without waiting at all since we were arrived early.
  3. Schedule Fast Pass Plus Reservations for 11:00am or later – The parks usually open at 9:00 so scheduling a Fast Pass Plus Reservation for late morning will give you plenty of time to take advantage of the short morning wait times.  Why waste a Fast Pass on a line that is only a 10 minute wait?
  4. Download the My Disney Experience App – This app has many uses but the most helpful in park function was the wait time estimates.  All the rides are listed in the app and give wait times so you know where to head if you want to avoid crowds of people.
  5. Book Additional Fast Passes – When you use your last fast pass immediately use the app to secure an additional reservation. There may not be many popular options left, but skipping to the front of the line is always better than waiting.
  6. Take Advantage of Rider Switch – If you have a child that is under a height parameter on any ride, a parent swap ticket is awarded. This allows one parent to ride and when they are finished the other adult who waited with the smaller child, plus 2 additional people, can ride immediately by using the fast pass line, instead of waiting. Also, this ticket does not have to be used immediately, it is good until the end of the week.
  7. Have a Plan and Be Prepared to Change It – Continue to plan throughout the day according to your schedule and groups’ needs.  Make sure you grab a map and a list of showtimes/character appearances at the front of each park. While you are waiting to board one ride, decide where your next stop will be.  Standing around outside of an exhibit or wandering aimlessly through the park is a time killer and it can be frustrating in the throngs of people who mostly don’t know where they are going or how to get there.

No Wait Times Disney

I hope these few tips and tricks for maximizing your time and getting the most out of your days at Disney are helpful!  I really was shocked by the amount of attractions we accomplished each day.  The longest lines we waited in were for food!  But I don’t have many tips for avoiding those lines, except to try eating during nontraditional meal times, because I guess everyone needs lunch!

Do you have any tips on how to maximize your Disney World experience???



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