Blue and Green Girls Bedroom Makeover

I’m super pumped to reveal my first room makeover.  My oldest daughters bedroom, because there is nothing more fun than decorating a little girl’s room!  I really wanted to do something other than pink, because with two little girls, I was starting to see pink every time I closed my eyes.  I let my daughter choose and she insisted on green, which was fine with me since the room had to be painted anyways.  I also wanted to try something unique so I looked for ideas on Pinterest and came up with a scallop design to incorporate some blue.

Girls Gallery Wall

This gallery wall took me a long time to put together, but Hobby Lobby was so helpful, as usual!

Madis Room

I’m planning a second post to give all the details about how I filled this room with second hand furniture and my secrets to finding great pieces, which I’ll link here.

#hercuteroom dresser

Madi Room 6 Madi Room 7

These drapery rods were already up when we moved in, but they were huge and brown so I decided to save a buck and paint them rather than replace.  The bonus to this was not having to patch the holes and hang new rods!  The only problem with this was finding drapes or shears to fit the thick rod, I’ll map out how I fixed this in my next post.

Madi's Room31

Madi Room 9I love this little mirror shelf I found at a resale shop, because it’s perfect for keeping some special items out of reach of little hands!
Madi's Room4

Here are the adorable scallops I painted and a future post will give a detailed tutorial on how to paint these scallops and how I made the butterflies and polka dots.

Madi's Room 5

Can you tell we like butterflies a little bit around here?!?  Our first nursery bedding had butterflies all over it and I just can’t give them up because they are so girly so I keep incorporating them into all our new room designs.  Hope you enjoyed this preview and check back for more posts about how this all came together.

Thanks for reading and hope you found some new inspiration!

IMG_5633        -Amy


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