6 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Blog Name

Niche & Name: How to Choose the Perfect Blog Name

Naming a blog, business or brand can be so overwhelming.  Think of all the household name brands you hear and use everyday without giving the name a second thought, someone came up with those and you can come up something great too.  Here are some tips for choosing a great name for your blog or brand that you will love!

Name Your Blog

6 Steps to Choosing a Fabulous Blog Name

  1. Choose Your Niche – Decide what you want to write about. Brainstorm a list of your interests, ideas and expertise.  It is so much easier to write and come up with topics that you are passionate about and interested in. 
  2. Don’t Limit Yourself – Choose a name that can grow with you, because if you plan to blog for a long time your interests and topics will change as your life does.  Choosing a name that doesn’t limit your growth will make you feel comfortable as you and your page evolve.
  3. Check the Availability – Make sure your name isn’t taken with this helpful tool, Bust a Name.  Also, check all the social media platforms you plan to use to make sure your name isn’t already being used on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Make it Memorable – Make your name unique, and memorable because your name is your brand, it is how everyone in your online communities will refer to you. In my opinion, the most catchy blog names include alliteration or a play on words.
  5. Research Your Name – Make sure that the name you chose isn’t associated with anything inappropriate or strange.  I chose a name once and then Googled it to find that someone was using a similar one on Tumblr and the content was very scandalous. 
  6. Survey Someone You Trust – Take a poll of your family and friends, get opinions from someone you trust.  This will also build you confidence as you start your new journey.

Not many people get to choose a new name, so if you think of it that way it is super fun to brand yourself with a new name for your business, blog or brand.  Good luck branding your blog like a rock star blogger!



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