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Easy Steps to Start a Blog in 15 Minutes!

Creating this blog has been an adventure & I thought it might be helpful if I chronicled what I’ve been learning. This whole blogging world was a complete mystery to me until a few months ago, I actually didn’t know this huge community existed.  I’m not going to lie, it’s super intimidating at first, especially since I might be the least techie person ever, but I know that if I can do it, so can you!

Easy Steps to Starting a Blog Quickly


Domain and Hosting

The first piece of the blogging puzzle is to decide what you want to write about and choose a name.  You can find some great tips for choosing a niche and name here. Then you need to register your domain name and purchase hosting.  Honestly, a few months ago this made no sense to me but trust me is not as complicated as it sounds!  I have been studying every blogging tutorial I could find for months and everyone in the blogging world recommends a self-hosted wordpress site.  This means you have to pay a few bucks to get it started. (Whaa Waaa) But it is worth it! 😉  I went with Bluehost, I’m super happy with it.  Just click this link to get started:

Follow the instructions to fill in your info and you are ready to go!  Your next step is to download WordPress and start having fun.  Downloading WordPress is as easy as clicking the download button, then the fun begins. Once you start to navigate the Dashboard you will find that it is fun to get creative with your own personal site by choosing a them and putting some of your thoughts in writing which is super rewarding.

If you are looking for some awesome and super detailed info on starting a blog I would highly recommend the ebook Building a Framework, by Abby Lawson.  I used all her guidelines to start my blog, this book is actually the only thing I have spent any money on so far, except for hosting and both were worth every penny.  I bought The Master Package which introduced me to other successful bloggers through the interviews, and allowed me to learn from them as well.  Money well spent!

Start a Blog

Good luck on your blogging adventure! Remember if I can do it, you definitely can too!



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